7 Haziran 2009 Pazar

I think this is my most vintage inspired post ever to date!
I am glad that I finally found something that I can wear with my hairband! Plus the watch earrings that I took forever to start to wear! I bought them two years ago and then they got lost before I got to wear them, and now finally, I wore them for the first time! It feels like all the items had been waiting for one another to come together! It took a lot of work to put the vintage bag into a usable condition, but I am quite happy with the result! It was funny I had thought I would never be able to find a doctor's bag here and was thinking of ordering one from abroad in the morning of that day and then I came across it in the evening!

Close -ups of accessories:

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  1. Your earrings are amazing. They resemble some that I bought for my mother a while back.

  2. i love those earrings! i have been looking for watch earrings on etsy but haven't found as nice as those!