29 Eylül 2009 Salı

Some collage attempts!

I had been procrastinating on posting some collage attempts I made some while ago, actually before going on holiday!Anyway, it was interesting enough learning new things but I am not sure if I could keep posting collages as I have totally nothing to write about them when I am finished with them!Plus the fact that there are many bloggers with more experience and skills out there, making me feel too humble!

With the little blogging experience I have I think it looks more serious when you just post things in a line, rather than having flowers and cute things springing up all the time, but then I sometimes feel my posts are too long and if I made collages of some photos it wouldn't be this long....but then I have to make them smaller and that shows so little detail!


The one above is the photo of a pink dress whose fabric is from 70's.It has eyelet- like detail around the collar and on the hem, much better in real life than here.Also the heels of my shoes are pinkish purple and are complementing the dress perfectly but it's impossible to see!


The above one is the one I first made, it took only five minutes or something making me feel all the more eager!My friends still think it's the best so far!I think the dresses here somewhat deserve their own posts but it has to be this way I guess!You can see more detailed shots on here.

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  1. i like the 2nd one best too! i used to do collages on my other blog, but it's so time consuming and much easier for me to just post the pictures.

    love those dresses! :)

  2. cute! your white dresses are stunning

  3. @Starr,I loved your collages on your other blog! I agree that they are time consuming indeed,I just didn't know what to write afterwards,having spent so much time, I lost my excitement!

    @hannah:Thank you for your comment!